Stylish Beds for Beauty Rest

Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom. Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom. Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom #ModernFarmhouse #MasterBedroom Chango & Co.


Many of us have heard the idiom, it’s time to get your beauty rest, but did you know that is a real thing? While certain old wives’ tales don’t hold up to their legend, the need for sleep in relation to your allure when interacting with other humans is not only authentic, it is crucial. We all know how badly we look, and feel, after a horrible night’s sleep, so the science here isn’t too shocking.


What about the science regarding beauty sleep? A study was conducted with more than twenty adults ranging in ages from 18 to 31. Each person had a full eight hours of sleep, which is recommended by professionals, and then photographed without any make-up. Then, the same subjects slept five hours and stayed awake another 31 hours before the second pictures were taken.

The photos were shown to more than 60 people who rated the photos for attractiveness, health, and drowsiness. The photos with the sleep deprived people scored the lowest, which isn’t surprising.

So how do we get our 8 hours every night?

This depends on the person, but for us, we feel a stylish bedroom, free of clutter and electronics, would be the best option for anyone who has been struggling to stay asleep at night.

Get Rid of Clutter

White Bedding Ideas. Crisp White Bedding Ideas. White Bedding Ideas. White Bedding Ideas #WhiteBedding #WhiteBeddingIdeas Chango & Co.

If you found your way to my site then you are either clutter resistant or on your way. I focus on stylish surroundings here at Home Bunch and helping you create a restful bedroom that is also chic and lovely is what I love. Step one is to rid yourself of all the stuff that might be sitting on top of your dressers and items that you haven’t used or worn in a long time.

Your bedroom should be “sleep friendly” if you are looking to create the perfect place for slumber. Of course, just decluttering isn’t making this room stylish, which we feel will also enhance your sleep quality.


Better Bed

Sleek Bed Ideas. Modern farmhouse bedroom with Sleek Bed. Sleek Bed Ideas #SleekBed #bedIdeas Chango & Co.

While mattresses don’t fall under the stylish category, a good bed is the key to a satisfying night’s sleep. How can anyone expect to get their full eight hours when coils are jabbing them in the back? Pain when sleeping is not stylish and it’s actually costing your beauty a great deal.

There are many options out there when looking for a new mattress, traditional coils, latex, and memory foam, which include gel mattresses. The goal of this post is the get you the beauty rest you want inside your fashionable bedroom but no matter how trendy your furnishings are, a bad mattress will disrupt it all.


Re-evaluate your Furnishings

Benjamin Moore Decorators White. Benjamin Moore Decorators White. Benjamin Moore Decorators White. Benjamin Moore Decorators White #BenjaminMooreDecoratorsWhite #BenjaminMoore #DecoratorsWhite #BenjaminMooreWhite Chango & Co.

Does your bedroom consist of mismatched items that were given to you or purchased when you first moved out on your own? If so, it may be time to invest in some new items to jazz the room up a bit. There are a great deal of options and styles for those that aren’t looking to spend too much money.

When it comes to bedrooms you can go sleek, with light colored furnishings, white walls, and white linens. Almost like making your bedroom into a cloud. Maybe white isn’t your thing, and it is a difficult color to keep clean especially if you have kids jumping into your bed sometimes.

You can mix it up with eclectic colors, kind of a mismatch that somehow works together, or you can redecorate your bedroom with a romantic or contemporary motif. Dark bedrooms appeal to some people with heavy draperies to keep out the early morning sun. The key here is to find your personal preference and focus on that because where you sleep should be appealing to you.


Pillow Talk

Bedroom Bedding and draperies. Bedroom Bedding and drapery ideas. Bedroom Bedding and draperies. Bedroom Bedding and draperies White Bedroom Bedding and draperies Chango & Co.

I mentioned the all-white sheets opposed to mixed colors or dark window coverings. Yet, the items on top of your bed are very important as well. Do you sleep alone? If so, would you feel comfortable with a long body pillow to hold onto at night? Some folks swear by them. There are down pillows, feather pillows, latex, polyester, memory foam and even buckwheat pillows.

A stylish bed has a variety of pillows to make the mattress seem appealing when first walking in. Get the pillows that will help you sleep well through the night and mix them with a few throw pillows when the bed is made. A square or round pillow that does nothing more than sit on your bed screams style, and they are fun to mix and match with your motif.


Window to the World

Bedroom Linen Drapery. Bedroom Linen Drapery. Bedroom Linen Drapery Ideas. Bedroom Linen Drapery #BedroomLinenDrapery Chango & Co.

Dark draperies keep the world our for some while others like a light opaque variety that lets it all in. This is another area that is all up to personal interpretation. Yet, the enchantment of your bedroom is the goal so try to come up with something that appeals to your need for sleep.

We don’t want to walk around with bags under our eyes or a demeanor that says, “I need some sleep!” A well-designed bedroom is far easier to relax in than one that is all over the place. So, take a look at your bedroom and decide if it meets your beauty rest needs.


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Hello, my friends!

I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday and felt inspired by these serene bedrooms. 🙂

Have a great day, everyone and I hope to see you back here tomorrow!

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